Varieties in Name Necklace and others that every girl should know

Personalized or name necklaces are in fashion these days. The trend seems to be changing like always but the inclusion of the name necklace among other types of necklace holds its unique identity. Girls love to wear the necklace of their name. It comes in a variety of designs that you can gift to other ladies as well.

Types of necklace designs and how to wear

  • Choker is very famous among Indians. It is worn close to the neck. The embellished name on this piece will give it a fusion touch.
  • Opera necklace comes with a length of 26to 36 inches and you can wear it creating two strands by doubling it up. The opera necklace with name of the wearer enhances the grace of the wearer.
  • Multi colored string necklace comes in pretty color combinations. A twist is added in it with a monogram becomes a funky piece for the beach party.
  • Thread necklace is quite authentic with the weaving of the silver pendants. These can go well with the suits or fusion. With monogram on it, one falls in love with this piece.
  • Princess necklace symbolizes the royalty within itself. It can be worn in the weddings. It is a heavy piece of whick suits best with saree, suit and kurti. It gives a traditional touch. Having a name necklace of this type dazzles up your look for any event.
  • Bib necklace covers a lot of neck space from the front. You can have a name on this necklace that gives it a chunky look.
  • Collar necklace stays a little far from the neck and looks stunning with all the gems and beads in it. The name necklace of this type increases its ethnicity and it can be worn with boat necks, v-necks, turtle neck a and off-shoulder necks.
  • Plastron necklace come with a tribal touch with beads dangling loose creating a boho look when worn with top, kurti and even a simple suit. Silver touch and glass are parts of the necklace. You can’t go wrong with a monogram on this piece.
  • Matinee necklace is usually worn with the necklines that plunge or are deep. It rests slightly above the bust and is embellished with beads and stones in the front. Name necklace of this type where name is embellished with beads on the front make it a necklace that every woman would love.

These are the ways you can style your necklace to create your own style statement. In every season, jewellery or related accessories become a part of our life. And in the world of latest trends, where girls and women love to experiment with their looks, no look can go wrong. The name necklaces are very much in these days. They fulfill one’s personality adding a touch of a creative side of the one who wears it. No matter where you go, your necklaces seek all the attention.


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