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New Products
  • Evil Eye Tennis Bracelet - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 2,943
    A new piece from our Evil Eye collection, and already one of our best sellers... A contemporary twist on a classic tennis bracelet. An eye catching staple piece to be worn day and evening. Made of 18k gold, white diamonds, emeralds and sapphires.
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  • Green Malachite Bracelet - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 188
    The perfect stacking bracelet, giving your wrist a splash of colour in vibrant green. It is made of malachite and 18k rose gold.
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  • Evil Eye Ring - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 653
    Evil Eye Ring to protect you from all evil... And to look very cute on your finger! Made of emeralds, sapphires, white diamonds and 18k gold.
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  • Swirly Ring - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 1,612
    A classic piece with a twist. A great every day ring that is easy to mix and match with others. Made of 18k gold and baguette cut white diamonds.
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  • Mini Romance Ring - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 457
    The latest addition to our popular Romance series; a cute butterfly shaped ring that's small enough for a pinky ring but still looks good worn the traditional way too.  Our tourmaline stone stock changes all the time and therefore we may not be able to make the exact same ring again; please get in contact with us to find out...
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  • Nightfall Ring - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 599
    The newest addition to our stars and moons themed collection. This ring features a moon sharp and a white diamond encrusted star. It's easy and light to wear. Made of 18k gold.
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  • Oval Web Ring - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 2,287
    A beautifully detailed 18k gold and white diamond ring. It hugs your finger making it very comfortable to wear.
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  • Triple Layer Necklace - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 1,088
    Our much loved Triple Layer Necklace makes layering easy... These three layers are one necklace, fastened with one clasp only. Made of the most delicate 18k chain and white diamonds, this is a must have piece that you'll never want to take off. 
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  • Black Pave Necklace - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 522
    The cutest, coolest Evil Eye that we have ever seen! Made of rubies, black and white diamonds and 18k gold. A great stacking necklace!
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  • Ruby Evil Eye Necklace - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 599
    The cutest, coolest Evil Eye that we have ever seen! Made of rubies, black and white diamonds and 18k gold.
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  • Mermaid Ear Jackets - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 2,546
    If you want maximum sparkle, these ear jackets are for you... A striking pair that always gets a lot of attention. Made of 18k gold and white diamonds. 
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  • Thin Black Diamond Hoops - LimeLiteJewellery.com
  • £ 936
    A beautifully delicate and thin pair of hoop earrings made of 18k gold and encrusted in pave cut black diamonds. Nice and light to wear!
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