The Perfect Balance "Limelite Jewellery combines quality craftsmanship. We spoke with founder Ilke Shah about strategically smart price points and aesthetically pleasing design. How did you know it was the right time to launch your own brand and what were the stepping-stones to that point? After years of collecting brand name pieces, I found it was getting a bit ‘same-same’ everywhere you go – everyone had the same pieces. I started making fine jewellery for myself and received great feedback from friends about my designs. Creating the LimeLite name, logo and website was a family affair – lots of help...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Lady About London - Currently Caroline "With a penchant for pendants and a preference for pinky rings, our clued-up columnist discusses the current jewellery trends rocking her world at the moment." A fail-safe way to change your look is to add some eye-catching jewellery. But gone are the days of big, chunky statement pieces, instead we are turning to a different look that involves wearing several necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings all at the same time. The layering look is all about stacking lots of fi ne, delicate pieces on your wrist, fi ngers or neck. I love it because you...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Making seriously covetable fine jewellery more accessible to all without losing any of its sparkle, limelite Jewellery is impressing us with serious shine We love to have our fingers firmly on the pulse at La Femme and with this in mind, we’re always excited to discover a new luxury brand, especially when it’s homegrown. Meeting Ilke Shah and Minna Bussey, it’s easy to see why the brand has catapulted to success in such a short time, as the Turkish- Finnish duo has an effusive personal sparkle addictive enough that they could easily bottle and sell. Having made a successful leap...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
"Be inspired by December's decadent collections The nature-inspired jewels are made in 18-karat gold with diamonds and precious gems in a host of motifs, from edgy spider webs and bat wings to gentle wheat sheaves, leaves and butterflies. Tennis bracelets feature rows of tapered baguette-cut diamonds, or a rose gold crisscross cuff is designed with undulating loops of diamonds to enclose the wearer’s wrist. LimeLite’s striking, nature-inspired jewellery designs will make you stand out from the crowd and appear attractive in the fine jewellery market. All the jewellery that you can see on the website and Instagram is customizable. Get to know more about the Harpers...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Last month, Dubai-based jewellery designer Ilke Shah invited us into her beautiful Palm Jumeirah home to talk about her interior and personal style and her fast-growing jewellery brand LimeLite. Pick up a copy of our May issue for our full interview with Ilke. Why did you decide to launch your own brand? I had been designing jewellery for myself for years and my pieces were getting a lot of interest from friends and acquaintances. I noticed that there were a lot of women looking for trendy and affordable jewellery that had real value. I decide to launch a range of...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
To the Dubai-based founder of LimeLite jewellery, Ilke Shah, a timeless aesthetic is the epitome of chic. This notion of classic style is apparent in all areas of her life – from the Palm Jumeirah villa in which she resides with her husband and two daughters that she designed herself (in addition to her accessories line, Ilke also owns a London-based interior design company), to her clothing choices, treasured accessories and overall approach to style. Even her icons are some of the world’s most timeless beauties – “I admire Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy and Blake Lively. All of them are so...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
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