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"With a penchant for pendants and a preference for pinky rings, our clued-up columnist discusses the current jewellery trends rocking her world at the moment."

A fail-safe way to change your look is to add some eye-catching jewellery. But gone are the days of big, chunky statement pieces, instead we are turning to a different look that involves wearing several necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings all at the same time.

The layering look is all about stacking lots of fi ne, delicate pieces on your wrist, fi ngers or neck. I love it because you can put on a plain outfit and the layered jewellery becomes the main focus and creates such a pretty, girlie look that’s perfect for any age.

I want to avoid looking like a Christmas tree so tend to not do everything at once. Plus, when you get to a certain age then earrings all over your ears, rings all over your fi ngers and necklaces all over your chest is all a bit too much.

When you’re older, less is more and you can achieve a chic, boho look by draping pretty, low-falling pendants around your neck. Because I wear a wedding ring, I prefer not to wear too much else on my hands, that’s why I really go to town on my necklaces.

Personalise your jewellery and wear something that has special meaning to you. So when you’re looking for necklaces and pendants, go with your zodiac sign, your children’s names or your initials. I love my Jennifer Creel Taurus coin pendant.

You should also combine different colours of gold. It used to be that if I was going to wear rose gold, I would remove all my yellow gold first, but now I just throw it all on together. Turquoise is really in now – a lot of jewellers are working with turquoise and light pink gold.

There are so many great designers, and you don’t need to just stick to one. I love Jacquie Aiche, her shaker necklace in particular is stunning, yet very simple. I also really like designs by Anita Ko and Jennifer Meyer. I have a LimeLite Jewellery necklace with dangling stars and moons, it’s beautiful – it has real movement, catches the light and looks amazing layered or on its own.

There are now jewellery consultants out there who curate your jewellery to come up with looks specifi cally for you – putting it all together is rather like an art form. You need to have an eye to get the layers right and a lot of people get scared about mixing and matching jewellery.

The pinky ring has made a comeback and I love it. I had a diamond heart pendant necklace that I was given as a push present for my daughter made into a pinky ring as I never wore it and now I wear it all the time. I had it reset by Glenn Spiro in Harrods in London.

I have another one from LimeLite Jewellery in black diamonds that I love. If you have a wedding ring on one fi nger it’s really nice and fun to balance it out by putting a pinky ring on the other hand.

Hello Middle East 2018

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