LimeLite Jewellery was founded in Dubai in April, 2016 by Ilke Shah. Ilke has been a jewellery enthusiast for as long as she remembers. She has also always been passionate about fashion and design, which led her to have a career in interior design back in London. Back in her twenties Ilke started designing jewellery for herself. Family, friends and people she came across were constantly asking how they too could buy those very designs so it was only a natural progression for her to start a jewellery business. Having an eye for fashion, design and all things aesthetic enable her to create eye-catching, nature-inspired jewellery.

After only a year the brand started to attract more customers and gain more attention. Business grew quickly and it became increasingly difficult for Ilke to manage it all by herself. In March 2017 Ilke brought on Minna Bussey, who at the time also resided in Dubai. Minna, another fashion enthusiast, brought LimeLite the much needed marketing expertise and additional manpower on its path to bigger and better things. In many ways, coming from two very different cultures - Turkey and Finland - Ilke and Minna are like ying and yang. Ilke is the creative force behind the brand - the whirlwind that everyone who comes in contact with falls in love with. Minna, being a more reserved Finn, is a self-confessed spreadsheet lover and a true organizer. They do though, have many things in common. The friends are both devoted mothers of two daughters and are both married to Brits. They both spent a decade in London and used to work in banking. And most of important of all, they both love a cold glass of Montrachet! Minna now lives back in London, which means that LimeLite has a presence there as well as in Dubai.  

LimeLite’s clients are the well-travelled, sophisticated, fashion forward, modern women of the world who dare to be unique. A lot of these ladies Ilke and Minna can now call personal friends!

One of the main ideologies behind the brand is reasonable and competitive pricing. That and LimeLite’s striking, nature-inspired jewellery designs make them stand out from the crowd and appear attractive in the fine jewellery market.

When new ideas come alive, one of the key factors for LimeLite is to make sure all the pieces are comfortable to wear and easy to layer, mix and match. LimeLite Fine Jewellery will take you from day to night and you can never wear too many pieces at once. You could be wearing the simplest LBD but adding a piece of LimeLite will change the whole appearance to something sparkly and glamorous. LimeLite’s clients - as well as Ilke and Minna themselves – are frequently stopped by people wanting to know where the jewellery they are wearing is from.

All the jewellery that you can see on the website and Instagram is customizable. If you have a special request - a piece in a different colour for example, or even a mix of colours - please do not hesitate to ask! Turnaround times are fast too, most requests and special orders can be prepared in just a few days.

Thank you for visiting, the LimeLite Team appreciates each and every one of you!

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