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Diamond name necklace is always in trend as depicts wealth and status. Diamond rings, earrings, and necklace are paired with different types of outfits whether casual or formal. There are various benefits of wearing name jewelry especially name necklace. Though there are some specific reasons for using specially designed jewelry. One most important and obvious reason is in gifting personalize jewelry to somebody you adore or love too much. We should talk about every one of the preferences one by one: Always in fashion, diamond jewelry can put the completing touch on any outfit, from the stylish night outfit to...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Personalized or name necklaces are in fashion these days. The trend seems to be changing like always but the inclusion of the name necklace among other types of necklace holds its unique identity. Girls love to wear the necklace of their name. It comes in a variety of designs that you can gift to other ladies as well. Types of necklace designs and how to wear Choker is very famous among Indians. It is worn close to the neck. The embellished name on this piece will give it a fusion touch. Opera necklace comes with a length of 26to 36...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Get the quirkiest and classiest name necklace designs and collections only at Limelite! Jewellery is a statement in itself. They say the accessories a person dons speak volumes about their personality, and more so when the origin of jewellery since the prehistoric times was based on the need for identification. Tribal women would don their characteristic neckpieces and earrings, indigenous adornments were a part of ancient ethos and even the aristocrats had their own assorted range and design of jewellery that would be passed down to generations down the lane. Today we may not be living in those ages but...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE