Name Necklace by Limelite Jewellery | 18K Gold and Diamonds

Get the quirkiest and classiest name necklace designs and collections only at Limelite!

Jewellery is a statement in itself. They say the accessories a person dons speak volumes about their personality, and more so when the origin of jewellery since the prehistoric times was based on the need for identification. Tribal women would don their characteristic neckpieces and earrings, indigenous adornments were a part of ancient ethos and even the aristocrats had their own assorted range and design of jewellery that would be passed down to generations down the lane. Today we may not be living in those ages but the importance of personalized jewellery has not died down. A name necklace can be the perfect way to personalize your jewellery and own iconic pieces that make you stand out and claim your identity. Remember Carrie's name necklace from Sex and The City series that she loved to bits and was heartbroken when she misplaced it in Paris? Watch the episode and you'll know!

Name necklace can also be gifted to your loved ones on special occasions with loving tags, nicknames, initials and so much more. This creates a sense of exclusivity and makes for excellent memories too.

But choosing and curating the perfect name necklace can be a bit of a challenge. And considering the amount of flashy and gaudy options available in the marketplace today, this can be a tricky deal to say the least. What one needs is elegance, tasteful selection of material and embellishments, the perfect balance between chunky and minimalistic, and use of highly durable and sturdy material as these gifts can do wonders when curated keeping in mind the aspect of longevity.

Limelite jewellery helps you craft the perfect name necklace that won't be too flashy and outrageous, so one can even wear it as a daily accessory. The designs curated by the Limelite team are a result of careful research, attention to detail, a taste for elegance, and years of experience, travelling and soul searching. What's more, the necklaces come with their own set of embellishments, designs, sizes and customizing options you can avail. You could wear a chunky initial, or just get the colour and composition of your choice and rock that necklace like a prize! Dresses, work wear, gym wear, formal wear, wear any damn thing and you shall shine bright like a diamond!

With outlets based in Dubai and other locations, and online shipping available world over, and a team of classy multiracial owners on board, Limelite has carved a name for itself in the realm of online jewellery. While one may be wary of purchasing fine, precious jewellery online, the amazing service and high quality collection at Limelite will surely clear those clouds of doubt away.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a necklace with your initial today only at www.limelitejewellery.com now! This is an opportunity you can't afford to miss!

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