Personalized Name Necklace and Its Popularity

A customised Name Necklace is amazing Gift for Women. With LimeLite Jewellery. give meaning with our personalized jewellery customized just for you and the ones you love.

Your name is a unique part of yourself that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It has the potential to alter how others see and react to you. It can assist others in learning more about your ancestors. A name is a highly significant component of your life, and it should be expressed appropriately! We specialize in personalized necklace with names at Thoughtful Impressions.

The name necklace is one of our favorite items. Our extensive assortment of name necklaces features a variety of materials, sizes, and fonts to fit a variety of personalities and preferences.



Custom name necklaces are available in a variety of forms, styles, and materials. Necklaces in gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel are available at Thoughtful Impressions. Traditional colorless etching, which creates a light, exquisite look, and laser marking, often makes a black mark on polished silver and steel goods that are a bit more legible, are two engraving options.



Silver jewellery adds a touch of refinement to every outfit and elevates your entire look. Wearing a silver name necklace with any ensemble without seeming 'overdone' is a safe bet. Silver necklaces look stunning when coupled with black and chilly tones, creating a sophisticated neckline. Any shade of white looks excellent with a silver necklace and mixing brighter hues like turquoise or orange to create a trendier appearance. Layer your silver name necklace with other pieces of jewellery that incorporate jewels such as diamonds or rubies for a nighttime effect.



"With gold name necklaces, discover your golden dream." Wearing gold jewellery is one of the most famous jewellery trends today, and it's a must-have for your everyday outfit. Fashion influencers have been wrapping themselves in gold jewellery from head to toe, notably gold name necklaces stacked with other chains, which the media have covered. A gold name necklace is the ideal starting point for making your outfit stand out. Choose from a variety of 10k, 14k, and 18k gold name necklaces in our gold name necklaces collection to choose the one that best suits your style.



Gold necklaces are attractive and may be worn with a variety of outfits. Because it is the most popular alternative among many, gold-plated jewellery is a beneficial advantage. It has the same appearance as solid gold jewellery but is a more cost-effective option. Gold-plated necklaces start with a sterling silver base and are then plated with a skinny coating of gold. Gold plated chains are incredibly robust and durable, and they come in a variety of patterns. Their golden light will complement your appearance.



White gold has become a popular metal for jewellery, even though many people are familiar with gold and silver. White gold is created by combining pure gold with silver-white alloy metals such as pallidum and silver. It's the ideal choice for people who appreciate yellow gold's white, silvery look. It comes in a neutral tone that makes it appropriate for any event and outfit.



Frost your brows! Diamond name necklaces are a jewellery box classic that will never go out of style. A diamond necklace is a high-quality present that everyone should invest in for their collection since it is a delightful gift that will last for years. This item matches any style, with its tiny look worn alone or dressed up piled with other pendants; after all, diamonds ARE a girl's best friend.

Our diamond name necklaces are one-of-a-kind. There are diamond necklaces with all over diamonds available; however, if you want a more minimalistic design, dot the I in your name with a diamond or select to have only the initial letter of your name covered with diamonds.



Just because the 1980's gave the fashion world the word choker doesn't mean the styles haven't changed throughout the years. There are significant variations between what we see now and what we see in these artefacts, including:

  • Birthstones, gemstones and multi-named
  • Font styles and sizes and material type
  • Style of necklace, high end or lower prices
  • Decade styles, minimalist styles
  • Flashy and glamorous styles
  • Religious and identity-based designs


Why are name necklaces back in style?

Some of the numerous reasons why personalized name necklaces are so popular in 2021 are listed below:

  • Name necklaces are trendy and make a stylish statement. The fashion cycle has spoken, and 2000's styles are making a comeback. Between 2000 and 2021, popular businesses have adopted name jewellery as a crucial component of their fashion ranges.
  • Jewellery with a person's name on it can denote wealth and prestige. People in ancient Egypt wore gold chain jewelry that represented monarchy, wealth, and a deeper relationship with God.
  • Any outfit will look great with a name necklace. Because there are so many accents, styles, and materials to choose from, nameplate jewelry may be worn with almost any outfit.
  • You can create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. People adore personalized things because they are uniquely theirs. On a nameplate bracelet or necklace, engrave your name or your child's name or initials.
  • They're worn by celebrities all the time. Famous hip hop musicians, sports, models, actresses, and other stars may be spotted wearing nameplate jewelry all over the place. Turn on the television and see how many you can count!
  • Personalization is ingrained in today's society. Since the 1980s, individualism has risen in popularity in American culture, and in 2021, it's all about identity. It's the pinnacle of self-expression. A name necklace may help you accept your individuality, whether you're currently discovering yourself or have known yourself for a long time.

When given as a gift, name jewelry adds meaning and a personal touch. Bespoke jewellery with someone's name engraved on it is a great option when you're stumped for a gift for a birthday or other special occasion.



Because of their uniqueness and elegance, name necklaces are in high demand. They make fantastic customized presents for essential occasions to give to your loved ones. Most fraudsters utilize pricing to entice unwary consumers, so don't base your selection just on price.

Do you have any ideas yet? Remember which fashion trend or celebrity inspired you to create your personalized name necklace. Then it's time to begin your search for your one-of-a-kind item. What's stopping you right now? Discover your personalized name necklace at LimeLite Jewellery.

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