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Our Double Butterfly diamond ring in white gold is a captivatingly contemporary version of the legendary Graff symbol, designed to appear as if a pair of diamond butterflies have suddenly landed on the finger. This lovely ring has two graceful butterflies encircling the finger and many exquisite diamond wings. Other beautiful styles in the Double butterfly diamond rings collection include a long-length necklace, as well as bare diamond studs, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Double Butterfly Diamond Rings

Look through a large selection of Double butterfly diamond rings. These pieces, frequently made of Gold, 18k Gold, and Yellow Gold were meticulously crafted. Find a variety of two antique variants or eight modern variations for a more modern take on these beloved accessories. Our collection, which includes older works from the twentieth century for sale and newer copies manufactured as recently as the twenty-first century, has proven to be highly popular throughout the years. Our collection of Double butterfly rings with Modern trademarks is pretty popular.

Many of the things in our collection are appealing regardless of where they came from, but Emilio!, Anna Sheffield, and Gucci all developed popular versions that are worth a look at. Dubble butterfly rings in the round, and pear shapes are available for purchase. If you go through the Double butterfly rings for sale, you'll see that many are now available for ladies, but there are still items accessible for males.

Double butterfly diamond rings

Finding the Right Rings for You

Antique and vintage rings have always maintained a unique place in the hearts of fine Jewellery connoisseurs worldwide.

Rings are ageless and adaptable ornaments, regardless of their origin or unique traits. Since at least the Middle Ages, when diamond rings meant power and other types of bands were worn to express love sentiments or allegiance with a religious organization, they've held significant importance. Rings have always been associated with eternity.

Rings have frequently adopted the shape of serpents over time, which have long been connected with perpetual life, health, and rejuvenation. Bvlgari, an Italian luxury Jewellery firm, has become famous for its popular Serpenti theme, and its Serpenti ring, like the other accessories in the line, originated as a tribute to the Jewellery from the Roman Hellenistic eras. The snake is a prominent theme in exquisite Jewellery these days. Thanks to historic Victorian rings — especially Queen Victoria's famed engagement ring, which took the form of a gold snake encrusted with rubies, diamonds, and an emerald — Jewellery connoisseurs have long wished for rings ornamented with reptiles. Repoussé work and chasing, which involves hammering patterns into the metal, were popular Victorian-era engagement rings.

Whether you're looking for a bulky classic for a Prohibition-themed cocktail party or a sleek modern design to compliment your casual outfit, our shop has an exceptional selection of antique, new, and vintage rings.

Type of Double Butterfly diamond ring

The collection honors a woman's transition into her actual self: free to express herself, daring to pursue her aspirations, and strong enough to embrace her own identity, warts and all. The butterflies are vibrant and full of life, coming in blue, orange, and green to represent three distinct identities. Choose a butterfly that is similar to yours!

Engagement rings

Although notoriously tricky to get, they are generally considered symbols of love and dedication. Engagement Double butterfly diamond rings from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras are the most valuable. Whether collectors highly seek after engagement rings or, otherwise, antique Georgian rings, they are named after the four King Georges who governed England in sequence in 1714 (including King William's reign). Pearls and colorful gemstones such as garnets, rubies, and sapphires. Paste Jewellery, which was popular in the late 1800s, was a forerunner to what we now refer to as fashion or costume Jewellery.

An iconic silhouette

Meticulously constructed to fascinate and enthrall, we replicate the remarkable shape in sculptural diamond arrangements meant to enchant and enthrall.

Modern-day classics

Styled dual-finger rings with sparkling diamonds contain gossamer-light butterflies that flutter on the finger and appear to float on the skin.

Butterfly Engagement Ring Styles

There are numerous distinct kinds of butterfly rings, just as there are many different species of butterflies. Popular designs may include the following elements:

  • Two tiny butterflies adorn the ring's crown, encircling a diamond or other gemstone.
  • Butterflies are inserted into the engagement ring mounting, sometimes in a stylized shape that integrates the setting's prongs.
  • Dual butterflies work together to provide the main point of a bypass ring design.
  • Three or four butterflies act as a decorative feature and the prongs for the ring's primary diamond or gemstone.
  • Butterflies carved onto the ring's band or inlaid into broadband.
  • Butterflies with gemstone wings and bodies, or carefully created with wire wrapped around jewels.
  • Butterflies with heart-shaped wings made of heart-shaped stones or metal, or butterflies with pear or marquise forms for varying wing proportions.
  • Filigree butterflies that may or may not include jewels. Butterfly Filigree Ring
  • Wings that are slightly elevated or flat against the band of the ring.
  • butterflies encrusted with pave set diamonds on the wings or body
  • Multi-tone butterflies combine different metals to create delicate shades of color, particularly when rose gold is combined with other, contrasting metals.
  • In a ring, subtle butterfly motifs are inlaid between stones.
  • Small butterflies can be used to decorate floral engagement rings or other art deco designs.

There are several ways to combine the beauty of butterflies into unique and stunning engagement rings; the only limitations are the ring designer's ingenuity.


Even though there are several designs for Double butterfly engagement rings, they might be tough to locate because they are not standard engagement ring patterns. Butterfly styles may be available from alternative designers specializing in one-of-a-kind features, and specialized engagement ring retailers are likely to have a range of Double butterfly designs.

Do you want to acquire a Double butterfly diamond rings for yourself or a loved one? Double butterfly diamond rings are the most abundant of all name necklaces. There are several Double butterfly rings variations available.

Hopefully, this article has simplified the process of purchasing a Double butterfly diamond ring and has given you greater confidence when placing your purchase.


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