Diamond Snake Pendant: Meaning, choosing, and more


Because we have a large selection, you're likely to discover just the diamond snake Pendant you're searching for. Every item for sale was handcrafted with meticulous attention, frequently employing Gold, 18k Gold, and Yellow Gold. Find an old version right now, or browse for 135 vintage or 70 modern creations for a more current take on these treasured accessories. Making the right choice when shopping for a diamond snake Pendant may entail carefully reviewing examples from various eras — you can find an early iteration of this piece from the 19th Century and a newer version made as recently as the 21st Century, both of which have proven to be very popular over the years.


Snakes carry many ancient and essential meanings. Below are some of the reasons and history of the symbolic meaning of the snake:

Snakes in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was most likely the first society to heavily utilize snakes in Jewellery. Serpents represented divinity and monarchy throughout this period. Therefore it's no wonder that many Pharos wore magnificent snake pendants to show their rank. Snakes were used in body Jewellery, but they were also carved on the headdresses of Kings and Queens. Cobras may even be seen etched into the sides of several of the pyramids that still stand today!

Snakes in Greek and Roman Mythology

The narrative of the Gorgon Medusa is one of the most well-known Greek mythology that incorporates snakes and emphasizes the significance of snake symbolism throughout this period. Serpents are a frequent emblem in Greek and Roman mythology, representing a variety of things.

Snakes in Victorian Jewellery

While snakes had been a popular theme in Jewellery for thousands of years at this time, these pieces were exclusively worn by specific people from particular classes. The Victorian period, and, in particular, Prince Albert's proposal to Queen Victoria, revolutionized everything. Victoria was given an open-style ring with a diamond-encrusted snake pattern on each opening, symbolizing eternal love. As a result of being wowed by this ferocious yet gorgeous engagement ring, enthusiastic Jewellery collectors began to seek inexpensive snake-inspired Jewellery.

Art Nouveau Era

Many fashions and Jewellery styles may be traced to the late 1800s and early 1900s Art Nouveau period. Snakes were frequently employed in this Century and were included in paintings, Jewellery, and even furniture, as defined by Louis Majorelle, Aubrey Beardsley, and Egon Schiele. However, it was more for ornamental purposes than communicating a specific message or tale.

Our selection includes a Diamond Snake Pendant for Sale.

It is finding an attractive diamond snake Pendant — regardless of its origin. If you're looking for a round-cut version of this item and can't find the ideal match, we also have brilliant-cut and rose-cut options.

Finding the Right Pendants for You

We are lucky to know much of the world's lengthy and fascinating history of Pendants, as this Jewellery style was so prized that it was frequently buried with its owners.

Pendants studded with lapis lazuli beads were discovered in Sumer's ancient Iraqi civilization's royal burials. At the same time, the excavation of King Tut's burial chamber revealed a sense of style that triggered an Art Deco design craze. With artists of the 1920s sought to imitate the beautiful craftsmanship of Ancient Egypt's goldsmiths and jewelers.

Pendant Necklaces worn by monarchs and nobility offered riches and respect in ancient times. Nowadays, wearing Jewellery is about expressing oneself: luxury diamond Pendants show confidence. They can represent the lively character of a robust and passionate connection, but paper-clip chain-link Pendants made by goldsmith Faye Kim are firmly rooted in both the past and the present. Kim uses only eco-friendly gold in her creations, which are inspired by the style of 19th-century watch fobs.

Pendants are regarded as a strictly feminine ornament by some, yet this popular Jewellery has been gender-neutral for millennia. During the Renaissance, men stacked chains and costly pendants over their bejeweled garments, just as ladies seldom wore a single piece. In contemporary times, the free-spirited hippie and counterculture movements of the 1960s saw costume-Jewellery designers celebrate self-expression via colorful, multistrand Pendants and an abundance of beads, which everyone and anybody wore.

Even after all these years, the Pendant is still a specific part of any full costume. Although new Jewellery trends emerge regularly, the grandeur and beauty of the past continue to influence present styles and designs. In some ways, the Pendant's cyclical history is similar to its recognizable looping appearance. David Webb created these vintage pendants, which appeared on the cover of Vogue in 1950.

Snake Pendants as Gifts

Many ladies begin with a string of faux pearls, so a strand of freshwater pearls is a lovely present for a young lady. Consider a solitary necklace with a pearl or diamond for a special event, such as a birthday or your first wedding anniversary. Which are the most stunning white Pendants available for a significant event, such as a five- or tenth anniversary? Every time she wears the present, she'll be reminded of the event.

Consider a pendant with an 18k gold, platinum, or sterling silver pattern for a fun occasion, such as a trip or a promotion - they are stylish pieces intended for enjoyment.


Do you want to acquire a Diamond Snake Pendant for yourself or a loved one? Snake Pendant is the most abundant of all name necklaces. There are several diamond name necklace variations available. You have the option of having several diamonds inscribed in your name or just one or two accent diamonds. You may also pick from a variety of metals and Snake Pendant types. The right necklace or Pendant will complement everything she wears. In addition to being a gorgeous present, a necklace allows you to execute the typically romantic act of slipping it around her neck for the first time.

Hopefully, this article has simplified the process of purchasing a Diamond Snake Pendant and has given you greater confidence when placing your purchase. Check out our shop.


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