Diamond Jewellery- Wear to Shine

Diamonds are every girl’s best friend. Diamond jewellery has its own glamour and attracts attention when worn in any form in a party, wedding or casually. Diamond is most expensive stone available in market. But artificial diamond jewellery comes in variety of color options as well as sizes :

  1. Emerald
  2. Radiant
  3. Asscher
  4. Cushion
  5. Princess
  6. Oval
  7. Pear
  8. Heart
  9. Marquise
  10. Round

The diamond with the round cut is labeled as the most expensive. The fire shines out loud and sends the same energy to the wearer. The fancy ones have different scale of hardness but original ones are the hardest and colorless. There are no flaws in the diamond which makes the diamond jewellery more wanted in the fashion world. The diamonds are found in many jewellery pieces and ornaments like fascinators, chokers, necklaces, armlets, bracelets, cuff links, bangles, rings,  brooches, rosary beads and many more.

The magic a diamond creates!

Think about a shiny and dramatic diamond ring in your finger or a necklace adorned on your neck. When all eyes are on you, it’s not less than a dream come true. Every piece of jewellery creates its own style statement whether worn alone or in combination with other pieces. Any type of jewellery defines a part of our personality. It is a very subtle way of expression of our feelings and confidence. Some women like it bright while others prefer the light. Your taste in jewellery defines the inner you!

The brilliance and care of diamond jewellery

Diamonds don’t loose their shine for a long time. We also consider this fact and do not care for maintenance of the diamonds. And we do suffer because not all diamonds are that strong and safe.They may be considered the hardest stones but are prone to chipping, cracking and other kind of external damage. If the shape of the stone is alike pear, then a v-prong is required to prevent the piece of jewellery from chipping.  It depends on the material used in setting the diamond. If the material is of yellow gold or platinum, re-polishing or buffing can be done to maintain the luster of the material. The white gold material requires a rhodium plating to maintain the white shiny appearance. This can be done occasionally.

Diamonds hurt you too!

Yes, it is the strongest. But when regularly exposed to the harsh environment, chemicals can react and the surface can deteriorate. Solution lies in storing the jewellery in air tight storage boxes. These boxes should be solid. And the common sense lies in not wearing the ring while doing the manual work lie gardening, dish washing etc. this will automativally protect your ring and maintain the luster of the jewellery for a long time. In case your jewellery needs to be washed, make sure you use the mild washer instead of chemical solvents.

If it is already damaged

In such case re-cutting or re-polishing is considered depending on the severity of your diamond jewellery.

At the end prevention is better than cure, this formula applies on diamond jewellery too.

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