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Diamond Jewellery is always in trend. With regards to the season, event and time bring with it a wave of charming designs so ensure you are settling on the correct jewelry pieces this season. There are a number of famous diamond companies and designers. Every one of these designers wants to be on the top of the diamond industry. Every one of them is battling for a place under the sun. Diamond jewelers and designers love their work, so they are always willing to make something new and beautiful. LimeLite jewellery is famous for its fine jewelry designs and the satisfying...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Diamonds are every girl’s best friend. Diamond jewellery has its own glamour and attracts attention when worn in any form in a party, wedding or casually. Diamond is most expensive stone available in market. But artificial diamond jewellery comes in variety of color options as well as sizes : Emerald Radiant Asscher Cushion Princess Oval Pear Heart Marquise Round The diamond with the round cut is labeled as the most expensive. The fire shines out loud and sends the same energy to the wearer. The fancy ones have different scale of hardness but original ones are the hardest and colorless....... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Your jewellery is a statement piece that speaks for the woman inside you. If life is a circle of opposites and contraires, then it is the power of yin and yang that together brings peace, harmony, and balance to an otherwise tumbling world. Yin and yang together are both constant and evolving, positive and negative, light and darkness. If this paradox befuddles you, it is only because of the beautiful cycle of one force dominating the other, until the tables turn and the dominating force is reversed and replaced and dominated in turn. Amidst this battle of the poles, this...... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE