Diamond Jewellery trends you need to follow in 2018

Diamond Jewellery is always in trend. With regards to the season, event and time bring with it a wave of charming designs so ensure you are settling on the correct jewelry pieces this season. There are a number of famous diamond companies and designers. Every one of these designers wants to be on the top of the diamond industry. Every one of them is battling for a place under the sun. Diamond jewelers and designers love their work, so they are always willing to make something new and beautiful. LimeLite jewellery is famous for its fine jewelry designs and the satisfying customers. Nobody needs to lose their clients, and they always find ways to attract the new ones and entertain the old ones.  

Trends of 2018 in diamond jewelry

People are always searching for trendy styles and unique designs to complement their looks and style.  There are a number of diamond jewelry trends you need to follow in 2018.


Try not to feel like you have to limit your choice to either white or gold tones when you can appreciate both. Different pieces of fine jewellery blend the coolness of white with the spark of yellow and rose gold to make fabulous pieces. From pieces of jewelry to different bracelets, to inspiring diamond wedding rings, this trend is as hot as a roaring flame.

Twisted Bands

When it comes to diamond jewellery, the twisted band is the new trend. Two or more bands twisted and meshed together into a single piece whether a ring or an earring offers a variety of style and a design feel to a conventional bit of jewelry. This trend is hot especially for the fancy rings and bracelets with stones and makes totally dazzling diamond wedding rings.

Classical Beading

Beading adds sentiment and appeal to the mountings of an assortment of pieces this year. Beading flaunts a diamond beautifully, indicating it off while not overpowering the stone. The considerable advantage to this trend is that a beaded bit of jewelry can be very impressive alongside offering amazing style to your fall and winter looks.

Statement Earrings

While nothing outperforms a dazzling ring, earrings compliments and complete your look for the dinner or a meeting.  Complement another outfit, or refresh a year ago look, with vast circles, square bands, or shimmering crystal earrings. However, size varies with the trends and style of earrings you choose to wear.

Halo Moves into Pendants

We have been charmed for the recent years by diamond rings with a circle, or radiance, of diamonds around a stone. Shrewd creators have investigated and re-made it in an ultra-advanced pendant. Single halos and double halos add charm to jewelry and serve up a major side advantage of giving a fashion statement without breaking the financial plan. Match a radiance pendant with a turtleneck or dynamic sweater for an additional dosage of class and elegance.

Layered Necklace

Once in a while, one sufficiently isn't! We are talking pieces of jewelry and chains, and this fall, the more, the better. Why not begin with a short thin chain with a little pendant, and include a few longer chains in with the general mish-mash? The final product is a statement of style and elegance.  

Name Necklace

Name necklace is always in trend whether you are going for a meeting or for a formal dinner. Diamond name necklace is one of the best gifts for your partner. It makes your partner feel special and valued.


Stones are awesome; however, metal pieces of jewelry like chain are sizzling hot for fall. Current and tense, this trend adds an urban tone to your closet. Thick chain jewelry can be any length, and looks incredible worn alone or heaped on with a couple of different neckbands. From chokers to 30 inches, this trend is fabulous and great in the meantime.

Black Jewelry

Fall is about warm, ameliorating hues, dark jewelry livens up each outfit from day to night. The most stylish of the considerable number of hues, black is the main trend, in numerous styles and designs. From carefully beaded dangle earrings to diamond pendants, to smooth Tungsten groups, there is always some black jewelry pieces in your collection.

Flower Designs

On the other side of dark, flowers are weaving their courses from the garden to the trendy woman's neck, fingers, and wrists this fall. People who love flower designs love nature jewellery. The encapsulation of sentiment, a diamond accessory emphasized in floral mounting loans an unusual, lively note that inspires an emotional response with numerous fashionistas all through the year.

Pear Shapes

There's no denying that the round cut is a work of art. There's a valid justification for it - these wonders would look great on anybody's finger! All things considered, a few ladies need their wedding band to look unique. Keeping that in mind, we'd suggest the pear shape, normally known as a tear. Pear-shaped diamonds typically look bigger than they are, which makes them a great incentive for cash.


Raw Diamonds

Diamonds are uneven and rough. It takes a considerable measure of slicing and cleaning to get them down to a smooth surface. In actuality, rough diamonds are the latest emerging trend. Rough diamonds are normally more affordable than their cleaned brethren. Be that as it may, this is additionally an awesome method to feature the real magnificence of the stone. 

Ring Enhancers

Talking about diamond trends, what about ring enhancers? In spite of the fact that they look fine without anyone else, ring enhancers are most usually utilized in a supporting job. Their principal reason for existing is to supplement the superstar - a solitaire diamond ring.

The huge jewelry trend to anticipate in 2018 will be the beautiful and perfectly finished diamond designs in a global tone. Classic jewelry and diamond with the statement diamonds and valuable shaded gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and tanzanite are relied upon to the trend in 2018. You can buy diamond jewellery online or visit the stores.


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