Naturally Breathtaking – Nature-Inspired Designer Jewellery

It's okay to be a little obsessed with jewellery. Hours and hours spent toiling, searching for the right design that speaks your language is just the kind of thing that says that you take your jewellery personally, and seriously.

Every piece of jewellery tells a story. Your story. It is a statement. It has the power to be that one little thing that makes you feel unique. It has everything to do with emotion. It has everything to do with what defines you.

At Limelite Jewellery, we set ourselves the task of seeking inspiration in places of endless motivation. The one unanimous answer that spoke to our soul was – nature. Since then, we have designed and created breathtaking pieces of fine jewellery inspired by the wind and the waves, the moon and the stars, here's a showdown of all that inspires us and more -

A Starry Night

The night sky is full of stars just as your eyes are full of dreams. Step out into the glittery night and aim for the stars with these Shooting Star Diamond Earrings.Rule the night like a queen with this Star Choker in Velvet Ribbon -  or be the light, with this enchanting Stardust Necklace .

The Flight of Fantasy

Let your imagination take a flight with stunning pieces of jewellery inspired by our lifelong search for fantasy. This Mermaid Hand Piece is royalty at its best -  and this sparkling Dragonfly Pendant - is a showstopper!

Of Birds And Butterflies

Let the birds teach you to fly high, and let the butterflies remind you to spread joy wherever you go –  Check Freedom Necklace & Butterfly Hoop Earrings

The Sea Story

Our marine collection is making waves, and we are about to tell you why! We have turned your favorite sea animals into quirky statement pieces – The Seahorse Necklace, the Turtle Bracelet and the Seastar Bracelet. Be different, be limitless, just like the sea.

Go ahead, become one with nature and let it guide you through. You can find all these and a bucket load more of inspiring precious jewellery designs at our online jewellery store, or at our instashop. You can also ask us to customise your jewellery for you. If you know us, you will know that we will be happy to help you in every way we can!

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