5 Most finest and luxurious jewellery brands that you’ll love to know

Jewellery is adorned by many people since ancient times. It has been a wonderful part of history and culture. Nothing can beat its true nature of standing out in the crowd and adding an elegant or funky touch to the one who wears it in the form off armlet, bracelet, earrings, chokers or in any form. People have now become experimental with their looks and even men love to wear pieces of fine jewellery. Jewellery has no more the status of being special and close to women only. Men also rock their look adding a zing of this fashion ensemble.

Luxury has take on the fashion industry and is rising tremendously. This industry brought us many luxurious brands that become shine of the fashion trends. As they are for the elite only, extravagancy is not at all realized as they buy it. But for normal person, it becomes a dream to get one. Here’s the list of the luxurious jewellery brands that are so fine that no one is going to regret after buying:


  1. Harry Winston’s company has been on the rise since it started in 1932. The fine jewellery pieces with a tag of Harry Winston’s make it a big buy. Not just that, the quality of the gemstones and the metals are really amazing.


  1. Cartier:- Cartier is the name that has been around the famous and the fine jewellery pieces. Any rich man can recognize that quality and shine of a Cartier’s piece of fine jewellery from a distance. It is the royalty in itself. Panther is the logo and sign found in the making of many pieces of the this fine jewellery. It has created its own history after 1860. No, they are not still traditional. Even the panther’s design is modified from time to time to appeal to the change in customers’ taste of these fine pieces of jewellery that are created by Cartier.


  1. Van Cleef and Arpels:- The unique class and style is represented by the pieces of this fine jewellery if Van Cleef & Arpels. It was started when both Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef decided to work in collaboration. Technical expertise can be easily seen in their finest jewellery pieces.


  1. Chopard:- Yes, you have known Chopard for its luxurious Swiss watches. But nowadays, it has exuded more fine work into making of the jewelry pieces. Their jewelry collection comes in 18 carat gold and precious metals of fine quality. The stones used are very precious and of high grade quality. All the detailing work is carried on with precision. And the price is worth the efforts of the company!


  1. Tiffany:- This is one of the jewellery brands that presents a wide range of top quality and fine jewelry pieces not just for women, but for men and children also. That’s why all love tiffany! The classic and exclusive designs make their mark wherever they are worn. Expertise is clearly recognized in the work of artisans. And for those pieces that go beyond luxury take years to come into their perfect, exquisite form.

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