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When it comes to celestial objects, one is most drawn towards the moon. Selenophiles as they call them, are individuals who are innately drawn towards the moon, and people whose behavioural tendencies alter as per the phases of the moon. Even for non believers and non selenophiles, a perfectly moonlit night is a bandage to a worn out soul. Use of moon as an element in popular culture, art, literature, fashion, religion and many other aspects of our daily lives is just a small part of the bigger picture. The moon brings with it a strange enigma, an element of calm and peace and this is exactly why moon necklace collections are the most widely sought after things in the online shopping sector.



While the fascination with moon necklace designs may be attributed to astrological inclinations, it can also be linked to one's persistent connection with the moon cycles and the fables recited during childhood. But there's more to it. Moon designs are immortal. They signify the peace and calm of a free spirited mind and the revolutions and moon cycles signify the dynamic, go getter spirit of the modern woman who is constantly on her feet, juggling between different roles, travelling the world, and shining in utmost brilliance and glory.

Moon necklace designs can be the perfect accessory for you. They work well with even the simplest of outfits and accentuate the entire look. Chunky or understated, one can even team these up with a wedding dress! A Moon necklace and earring duo is a must have for every girl. It is an emergency accessory for all the last moment occasions and dress down days. Don it and you can carry any attire with aplomb.

What makes buying a moon necklace an even exciting deal from Limelite is the meticulous attention to detail, options available for customization, and the high quality materials that make the jewellery tarnish proof, durable, and ideal even for daily wear.

You can choose even from the moon and star earrings in the collection that will totally rock your little black dress. All the selenophiles have something to be excited about finally! You can use this collection to create your own personalized style and moon themed wardrobe. Casual, formal or work wear, the collection will work well with literally every element in your wardrobe!

With its stores in Dubai and online shipping available across the seven seas, you can get your hands on the exquisite collection which is available in gold, diamond, and other precious and semi precious stones and offers a range of jewellery to choose from. Luxury jewellery, precious jewellery, fine jewellery, you can have it all!

So just visit Limelite at www.limelitejewellery.com and get set to own some classy pieces of jewellery that will make all heads turn!

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