Wear It Right – The Right Necklace for the Right Neckline

Your ultimate go-to guide for pairing the right necklaces with your necklines and finding them in the top jewellery shops in Dubai.

So you've picked the perfect dress. You've paid attention to every inch of its detailing to ensure that it complements your best features. But wait, no dress is complete without the perfect jewellery to go with it! Fine jewellery, and necklaces, in particular are paired keeping in mind the kind of neckline they are to be worn with. Here we have put together the ultimate guide for wearing the right necklace with the right neckline -

  1. Strapless

Pair a strapless dress or tube top with a minimal choker which will be accentuated with its simple-cut neckline while also elongating your neckline.

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  1. Off-Shoulders

For an off-shoulder neckline, go for oversized and experimental shapes!

  1. Halters

Complement your halter with a simplistic angular pendant that balances the angular impression of the halter edges.

Check - Yasmin Pendant Large

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  1. Crew Neckline

You can go for round necklaces such as the bib necklace or collar necklace with this one due to its round, supportive, and unassuming shape.

Check - Wheat Necklace

  1. Turtleneck

Geometric chokers are best suited to go with turtlenecks, or a long chain for an added understated sophistication to your look.

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  1. Square Neckline

Even out the edgy square neckline with angular necklaces that are also great for accentuating your jawline.

Check - Bar Necklace 

  1. Buttoned Up

A buttoned-up shirt with a collar is best paired with a subtle statement necklace peaking from under the collar, making a stunning statement with elan!

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  1. V-Neck

The most elegant choice for a simple V-neck is a simple, minimal pendant whose simplicity enahnces the necklace and neckline, both!

Check out - Moon Necklace

  1. Deep V

A deep V is complemented by layered strands that take over the space created by the plunging neckline.

Check - Day & Night Necklace

  1. Asymmetrical

For an asymmetrical dress, pair the neckline with long strands that draw the eye to the centre and down.

  1. Boatneck

Boatnecks go best with longer necklaces that draw attention up and down, balancing the high and horizontal neckline with ease.

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