The 5 Most Common Questions on Custom Jewellery

You've looked at every jewellery store, both online and in person, but you still need to find the one. The perfect earrings for your doctoral graduation may be found in an old beloved necklace that has become tarnished and broken.

Three words describe LIMELITE JEWELLERY: Personalized jewellery design. Whether you want to repurpose an old piece of jewellery or design your engagement ring, custom jewellery creation is the way to go, and LIMELITE JEWELLERY is the place to go!

Here are the five most often-asked questions regarding custom-created jewellery to help you decide whether a personalized item is perfect for you.

1. How Does LIMELITE JEWELLERY's Customized Jewellery Design Process Work?

You are engaged in every stage of the custom jewellery creation process, providing feedback and criticisms to help create your one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Consultation Is Free

A free consultation with a professional designer is the first step in creating your engagement ring or other jewellery. You will discuss your ideas, narrative, and emotions to combine them into a one-of-a-kind jewellery creation. Following the session, basic drawings are created to bring your unique design jewellery to life. Depending on the stone quality and precious metals used, your designer will discuss wearability and comfort.

CAD Jewelry Rendering

After the drawings have been approved, the jewellery rendering service, computer-aided design (CAD), is displayed. This photo-realistic picture has been meticulously edited to fit your expectations before proceeding to the next phase. If our professionals offer the centre stone, we will present you with our hand-selected rocks to pick your favourite! Alternatively, if you are shopping for diamonds on your own, study how to shop for diamonds to choose the correct fit.

2. What Is the Price of Customized Jewellery in Baltimore?

Custom jewellery may cost as much as $350. The expense is entirely up to you, whether you want to modernize your grandmother's necklace or make your personalized diamond jewellery. It is simply up to you regarding the intricacy of gemstones, metal, and design.

Is Personalized Jewelry More Expensive?

Because Personalized jewellery and other items we offer are created using the same method, custom jewellery may frequently be less expensive than manufactured pieces. You'll often discover considerable pricing disparities when comparing the cost of personalized jewellery to mass-produced items.

When you come in for a custom jewellery consultation, we will work with you to design a piece that you will love while staying within your budget, so please let us know what type of budget you want us to work with! Our objective is to design something aesthetically appealing that is also within your budget, and we will always solicit your feedback along the process.

3. How Long Does an Engagement Ring Take to Make?

The timetable for a personalized engagement ring spans from six to twelve weeks. The time required is determined by the complexity of the Personalized jewellery and the number of custom orders placed before yours. Following the consultation, it may take one to three weeks for rendering and CAD, one to two weeks for the wax mould, and two to three weeks for your completed Personalized engagement ring. Every step will be reviewed and approved by you! When designing your engagement ring, the big day is everything. If you need to pop the question at a specified time, we will strive to expedite the process and provide a more exact completion time.

If I get a custom ring, may I upgrade the diamond later?

While it is not always feasible, you may upgrade the diamond in a Customized design ring. When working with a jewellery designer, you should convey your ideas up front. Informing your designer that you may wish to upgrade or change the centre stone in your Personalized ring later might help them better accommodate your goal in the original design.

If you don't explain your desires to your jewellery designer, the personalized ring may be less amenable to an update.

Modifications to personalized jewellery, particularly rings, are often at least 5 or 10 years in the future. Clients are more inclined to want a new, fresh design in these circumstances than an upgrade to an old one. We can even assist in melting down the metals, exchanging elements, and creating something new and lovely with the same emotional significance!

What Should I Do If I Select the Incorrect Size?

Getting the incorrect size on a Personalized band may be difficult, but if the item is a surprise or a present, you may need to be able to get the precise ring size you need discretely. Regardless of the design, it is essential to obtain as near to the exact finger size as possible - ideally, the ring will not be more than one size off to allow for easy changes.

The design's intricacy and features will also influence how readily we can resize the item. For example, adjusting the ring after it has been made without compromising the aesthetic might be difficult if the band has stones.

We often err on the smaller side, enabling us to add a little material as required to size up a Personalized ring while avoiding waste. If the call is wrong by more than one finger size, resizing may be more challenging and incur extra fees.

Coming into a reputable jewellery shop like LIMELITE JEWELLERY to get sized before having the item created and made is the best (and only guaranteed method) to acquire the proper ring size for a Personalized piece.

4. What Are the Possibilities?

You may design your diamond engagement ring, necklace, earrings, hairpin, cufflinks, etc. Whatever metal, jewels, or jewellery style you like, let us know what you want, and we'll produce it. We do not advocate utilizing highly damaged products, such as jewels from past wear. No issue if they are in good shape! Consider reusing your old estate jewellery or an example of a custom-created engagement ring.

Is it necessary for me to know exactly what I want?

Most of our customers come to a Personalized jewellery session having a concept or some inspiration in mind. However, although it is uncommon, some customers may need to learn precisely what they want. In such circumstances, our jewellery designers are pleased to assist them in finding their choices.

If you are still determining what you want, our designers may ask you to look at what we have on display to see what you like, what you don't like, and what you genuinely want to help limit your choices. We want to help you create something beautiful and distinctive that you'll enjoy, and we're more than delighted to collaborate with you on that!

5. Can a Jeweler Recreate a Ring?

Both yes and no. We can replicate popular designs, such as a classic halo setting with a split shank in white gold. No, we cannot duplicate a Tiffany & Co. ring you saw last week. Our designer may take a handful of your favourite designer engagement rings and create something unique that relates to your own story.

Can I show a jeweller picture of rings that I like as inspiration?

Absolutely! While we cannot duplicate branded things, we like seeing examples of design features that you know you adore.

Our customers often want something unique and unusual, but if there is a particular aspect you want to see in your design or anything that inspires you, please share it with us! We won't be able to make a replica of anything you've seen, but as long as the Customized design is somewhat different, we can make a piece you'll adore with all the characteristics you desire!

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