Rings 101: Choosing The Perfect Ring Size

Rings. The ultimate symbols of power and connection. A ring is one of the most iconic pieces of jewellery that you can wear. It is also one of those jewellery pieces that do not leave much room for adjustments in sizing – a half size too big or small, and it won't fit!

Our curated collection of rings online is growing, and we want to make sure that the rings we send you fit perfectly. They should be well-fitted and ready to wear any time!

Our ring experts have put together some easy-to-use trade secrets that will help you find the perfect ring size for each one of your fingers.


Finding Your Ring Size

If you have ever been subjected to the horrors of an ill-fitted ring, you will know that it is worth your while to invest some time in finding your right ring sizes. Apart from being confident in ordering any ring, it will also bring you oodles of joy and contentment, trust us on that.

  1. A Local Jeweler

We find that local jewelers at the mall or roadside curb are most reliable in helping you figure out your ring size. As long as they are using standard size charts. So next time you are at a mall, take some time out to check this off the list.

  1. Plastic Ring Sizer

Plastic ring sizers can be ordered online. They work quite well if you follow the included instructions. Once you're done, pass it on to someone who may need it and spread the joy!


Some Pro Tips

While measuring your finger is easy, look out for these things that can affect your measurement, regardless of which measuring option you choose:

  1. Temperature influences sizing – if you're feeling cold, your size will be smaller, if you're warm, your finger will be bigger.
  2. Ensure that the ring slider fits over your knuckles as well. If your knuckles are larger than your fingers, your size will be a half size larger than your fingers.
  3. The same finger may differ in size depending on which hand you're measuring. Most often, the dominant hand and its fingers are slightly bigger.
  4. Your diet affects your ring size. Salty food lead to water retention resulting in larger ring size. Alcohol bumps up a half size too. If your salt or alcohol intake has been high, wait a day or two before taking the measurements.
  5. If still in doubt, order half a size larger.

Keep a record of your ring sizes on your phone so that it is always handy. If you still end up with a fitting you don't like, it is not the end of the world. Just get in touch with us on on +971 50 627 8354 / and we will fix it for you right away!


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