How to Choose Your Best Name Necklace

Many ladies would love to receive a piece of jewelry on Valentine's Day as a token of appreciation for their time with their significant other. Finding a piece of jewelry that suits her taste and demonstrates how carefully you choose it is essential when shopping for Valentine's Day jewelry for your significant other.

Valentine's Day is soon coming, and you may struggle to locate the ideal meaningful present for your love. As a result, we've put up Valentine's jewelry gift list with all our favorite customized Valentine's Day presents! Assuring that you will give the recipient a piece of jewelry they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

What is Name Necklace?

A name necklace is a lovely presentation of any name that is essential or meaningful in your life on a necklace. Name necklaces are handcrafted in our home state of Montana from high-quality sterling silver and are available in various finishes.

Name Necklace Name necklaces are offered in a variety of designs. From one-piece designs to vertical tag-style name necklaces, the unique designs allow you to choose the most appealing.

When you think about it, our names significantly influence our lives. Whether it's a name handed down from generation to generation, a choice we stress over when having children, or a defining element of who we are. Our unique name necklace jewelry collection was created to show the world who you are and capture a portion of your personality and personal flair.

Name necklaces are available in the following styles:

  • Necklaces with signature typeface names. These name necklaces include the chosen name and are attached straight to the necklace at either end of the pendant. For individuals seeking a one-piece design, signature font style name necklaces are appropriate.
  • Name necklaces in the manner of a bar. These name necklaces have an open rectangular bar with the chosen name carved out on the inside, and the chain is fastened at either end of the pendant. The design is available, and the bar-type necklaces are suitable for men or women seeking a one-piece, uncomplicated design.
  • Name necklaces in the tag design. Name necklaces in the tag design have a vertical rectangular pendant with the chosen name carved out on the inside of the rectangle. The pendant has a concave shape with a bail at the top that slides on the accompanying necklace - perfect for people who desire a distinct charm that moves on a chain.

The Selection Procedure in Steps

Step 1: Select a Name

This may seem strange, but we go by many different names daily. Our birth names. A moniker. Mom. Pops. Choose the name with which you most identify and believe best represents who you are.

Ideas for naming a name necklace:

  • Your name is
  • Your favorite phrase
  • Name of your kid
  • Name of your spouse or significant other

Step 2: Select a Font

We provide a selection of typefaces since we recognize that everyone has different preferences. We have something to commemorate every name, from primary and discreet to elegant and spectacular.

Consider using the Confidence font if you want something more straightforward. For those looking for something a little more exciting, our Dynamic font offers an italicized vibe while staying traditional and beautiful.

Step 3: Select Your Metal

  • Name necklaces have two options: sterling silver or 24k gold plated over sterling silver. Our name necklaces are crafted out of sterling silver anti-tarnish .925 sterling silver. This improves the brilliance and longevity of the name jewelry.
  • Choosing the right name necklace might be difficult. We've got some pointers and tactics to assist you in eliminating guesswork and direct you to the ideal solution.
  • Maintain familiarity. Choose something recognizable to you or them, such as their most common name or the 'name' in their life that means the most to them. Stick with what you know is familiar to them, such as their first name or function, such as 'Mom' or 'Nana.'
  • Consider their way of life. A busy mom on the run is less likely to wear a more significant name necklace, but a less active grandma or professional may prefer something more meaningful. When selecting a name necklace, keep their daily activities in mind.
  • Create something that reflects their individuality. Name necklaces may be personalized to fit the recipient's personality. Simple name necklaces are ideal for the lady who likes to keep things simple, or a birthstone may be added to a more elaborate name necklace for the woman with a lively and colorful personality.
  • Make your own! Because all of our necklaces are made, created, and delivered from the same place, we can assist you in creating a name necklace that is unique to your ideas.

Name Necklace

A famous Name Necklace is an excellent present for yourself or someone special! It costs £160 for each letter and is made of 18k gold (your option of rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold) with sparkling white diamonds.


The adjustable chain is 42 cm long, with two more links at 40cm and 38cm if you want to wear it shorter. We like to stack it with longer necklaces and wear it on the collarbone!


The chain might be jazzed up by adding cute forms and stones, such as hearts, little diamonds, and preferably green or pink gemstones. If this piques your interest, or if you're unsure and need some guidance or have any further concerns, please contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you in creating the perfect necklace.

How to Place an Order

To receive an actual quote, please choose the proper amount of letters from the dropdown menu and input the name’s or/and words you wish in the "Add Name" section. If you buy a necklace with several names or phrases, we will contact you as soon as we get your order to let you know how you want the names/words to be put.

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