Gifting 101: Selecting Jewellery With Love

Nothing says you care, like a tastefully chosen, gorgeous piece of jewellery. The good news is, the experts of the glamorous world of luxury jewellery are giving you some fine advice on how to pick the right jewellery for someone. Keep reading!

  1. A Compliment To Her

Jewellery is more than just metal and stones for women. It defines who they are. When you are looking at various designs, feel their vibe. Statement pieces inspired by courage, conviction, magic, and dreams will win her heart away. After all, you are gifting her a compliment.

  1. Current Tastes Are The Key

How about a little research before you go shopping? Pay attention to her current styles of jewellery. This is the best way to know what she likes to wear. Does she like chunky styles that make a bold statement, or is her taste more delicate and minimal?

  1. Metal, Metal

The next step is to pick the metal you want to go for. Most fine jewellery is made up of any of the three metals – platinum, gold or silver. Platinum has a white luster and is ideal for sensitive skin, gold can be yellow, white or rose and measured in karats, and sterling silver is the most cost-effective of the three.

Notice which one of these she prefers to wear. Some ladies have a strong love for a specific metal, while some like to mix it up!

  1. Make It A Star-Studded Affair

Although woman love variety, they do have some close-to-the-heart favorites. You can go for the quintessential diamond, or if you are feeling adventurous, you can opt for her birthstone or gemstones in her favorite color.

  1. Vintage vs. Modern

Here's another way to make life easier. Decide whether you want to go for an antique-style or a modernistic look. Both the styles have their own merits and it really all depends on the occasion or setting in which the jewellery piece is to be worn.

  1. Trust Your Instincts

Selecting jewellery for someone is a matter of the heart. No matter which metal, gemstone, design and look you choose, at the end of the day, you know the lady you are shopping for, so your instincts will make the right choice for you. Trust yourself.


For some gifting inspiration, you can head over to Gift Ideas for exclusively curated jewellery designs online.

Picking the right jewellery doesn't have to be stressful. Take it as an opportunity to get to know the lady better, her likes and her preferences, and celebrate her presence in your life by gifting her some fine designer jewellery.

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