Maintenance 101: Caring for your Fine Diamond Jewellery | Buy Diamond Jewellery Online

Tips and tricks to carefully store and protect your diamond jewellery and other fine jewellery.

If you take the maintenance of your jewellery as seriously as we do, but cannot spend long periods of time taking care of it regularly, then do read on. We have compiled a list of ingenius ways to store your fine jewellery and to prevent it from tarnishing.

What causes tarnishing of jewellery?

Tarnishing is the common term for oxidation, a process in which oxygen or sulphur from the environment comes in contact with sterling silver to form a dark colored layer. This layer inhibits the sheen of the metal making it look dull and old. It is believed that higher the purity of silver, the more it will tarnish.

Maintenance Hacks

To keep the metal in your diamond jewellery and other statement pieces made up of sterling silver or gold tarnish-free, the basic principle is to keep your jewellery away from humidity and some other elements.

  1. Anti-Tarnishing Storage Box

A variety of anti-tarnishing boxes are available where you can tuck away your diamond jewellery or sterling silver jewellery. These boxes are generally made of wood and lined with a clear lacquer which is crucial for preventing tarnish. Store all pieces individually.

  1. Absorb Excess Moisture

Silica gel and cardboard chalk are useful in absorbing moisture from the immediate surroundings. You can also place a piece of activated charcoal in your storage area for a drier environment.

  1. Avoid These Materials

Rubber, newspaper, uncoated wood, perfumes, body lotions, cosmetics, sweat – all are enemies of fine metal. Make sure your diamond jewellery and other fine jewellery is stored away from and does not come in contact with such materials.

  1. Cleaning The Right Way

Use a soft, preferably anti-tarnish polishing cloth to clean your fine jewellery. Rub gently in circular motion. Excessive rubbing may cause scratches and other damage. You may use dipping solutions but only sparingly.

  1. Using Home Remedies

Home remedies such as toothpaste and baking soda must be tread upon with caution. Use these only if your jewellery has a matte finish. The best option is to consult a professional jeweller.

  1. Watching Your Habits

Make it a habit to remove your jewellery before using cleaning supplies in your house, before cooking with anything that may contain sulphur such as mustard or eggs, swimming, using a hairspray or putting on lotion or makeup.

  1. Polishing

Using a non-abrasive polishing and following the grain of the metal while rubbing softly in a circular motion is the optimal way of polishing jewellery metal.

You may want to steer clear of commercial cleaning solutions that may react with your jewellery. If you have any other queries regarding proper care and maintenance of your jewellery you may contact us through limelitejewellery.com.

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