Butterfly Ring by LimeLite Jewellery | 18K Rose gold and Diamonds

Create an illuminating vibe with the special butterfly ring collection only at Limelite!

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Whether it's shining at a day of work, presenting the perfect gift to your loved ones, or rocking your attire at a happening party, a chunky butterfly ring can surely do wonders. You can have it understated and you can even have it flashy, and the overall look will still have an elegant effect.

Rings have forever been amongst the smallest yet most influential jewellery pieces for women. They can always be symbolized to highlight an aspect of your persona and build a commanding impact at work. More so with the quintessential modern woman juggling the responsibilities of work and household with aplomb, and creating a name for herself in all spheres of life. Butterfly ring in particular captures the essence of the modern woman who is free spirited, and wants to soar high towards the zenith of their aspirations. It also symbolizes the constant transformations we go through in our life span, from young, scared, apprehensive teenagers to confident, unbridled and driven adults.

While jewellery continues to help one express themselves, selecting the jewellery that matches with your persona can be a bit of a challenge. Especially when it comes to diamond and precious jewellery, one needs to make sure they are making a good investment. Durable, stylish, yet delicate and classy jewellery is difficult to find online. But Limelite Jewellery makes it possible for you to own artsy and magnificent precious jewellery, luxury jewellery and diamond jewellery that helps you create a statement wherever you go.



The butterfly ring will work well in both formal and informal settings and the material is so sturdy that you can don it everyday without the apprehensions of tarnish or breakage. Whether it's corporate attire, or a cocktail dress, your style quotient will be through the roof with the Limelite collection! The jewellery is painstakingly crafted to capture the essence of your undaunted spirit and your undying lust for life. And the best part is that it is so versatile and durable, which means beauty with substance for you!

The butterfly ring collection is a must have and the meticulously crafted rings available at Limelite make the deal even more tempting. Spanning across Dubai, with online shipping available world over, Limelite is creating a name for itself with its high quality and elegant jewellery pieces.

From handpicked rubies to emeralds, to diamonds, butterfly ring collection at Limelite never fails to impress. Vibrant colour combinations and extravagant embellishments make these rings even more striking and attractive. And the best part is that you can get your jewellery customized as per your tastes by contacting the Limelite team via email or phone. You choose, and Limelite makes it happen! Limelite curates the jewellery that matches your persona and helps you shine in all spheres of life.

So grab your hands on the butterfly ring collection right now and don't miss out on other jewellery collections too. Visit www.limelitejewellery.com and make your pick.

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