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    • Black Diamonds and Ruby Evil Eye Necklace - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 520
      The cutest, coolest Evil Eye that we have ever seen! Made of black and white diamonds, a ruby and 18k gold.
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    • Mini Diamond Ring - Blue, Green, Pink or Black - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 355
      An every day ring that is perfect for stacking up with different colour Mini Diamond Rings, or worn next to a more prominent ring. Order a size that you can wear on your pinky or thumb, or wear in the traditional way for a more classic look. If you'd like to order it in white or yellow gold please contact us on info@limelitejewellery.com...
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    • Pink Evil Eye Ring - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 970
      Evil Eye Ring to protect you from all evil... And to look very cute on your finger! Made of rubies, an emerald, white diamonds and 18k gold.
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