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    • Snake Necklace - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 650
      Description Snakes are symbols rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. This Snake Necklace is made of black diamonds and 18k gold. It's a symbolic yet edgy piece to wear on your chest every day. It stands out enough to be worn on its own but would also look great layered with a choker style, shorter necklace.    Specification The Black Diamond...
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    • Black Sybille Ear Cuff
    • £ 300
      Description Black Sybille Ear Cuff is sold as a single piece (not as a pair). It requires no piercing, you simply slide it on and off. Although we wear ours every day and pretty much never take them off! Such a cool piece and an easy way to add edge to your jewellery look. You can wear just one, or stack them...
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    • Fatima's Hand Pendant - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 2,100
      Description A striking, elegant take on Fatima's Hand jewellery. The chain is 42cm long with links to wear it shorter too at 40cm and 38cm.   Specification Fatima's Hand Pendant is made of 0.91 carats of black and white diamonds, 0.27 carats of emeralds and 8.41 grams of 18k gold
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    • Turtle Pendant
    • £ 750
      Description The Turtle Pendant is a fun piece, great accessory for a beach holiday. It also makes a cute gift for the younger generation. Palm Tree Pendant is made of black and white diamonds and 18k gold. The adjustable chain is 42cm long and can also be worn at 40cm and 38cm. 
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