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    • Thin Black Diamond Hoops - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 990
      A beautifully delicate and thin pair of hoop earrings made of 18k gold and encrusted in pave cut black diamonds. Nice and light to wear!
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    • Sea Urchin Hoops - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 2,870
      Sea Urchin may not be the most flattering name but it was the obvious choice for these stunningly striking hoop earrings made of sparkly black diamonds and, as always with our jewellery, 18k gold.
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    • Gypsy Hoop Earrings - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 940
      The perfect way to add some fun to your jewellery collection. Available in rose gold and white or rose gold and navy. Choose yours based on which ones will stand out most against your hair colour! Light and easy to wear for day or night.
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    • Summertime Double Hoop Earrings - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 847
      These 18k gold earrings are very light to wear on your ear. The perfect, bohemian pair of earrings to be worn with something floaty!
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    • Malachite Hoops - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 790
      The most fun pair of hoop earrings. Made of green malachites, 18k gold and white diamonds. Go with a heart shape embellishment or choose an initial instead. You can choose the same letter in both earrings, or go with different one in each! The latter is perfect for mums of two! A great gift item.
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    • Honeycomb Hoops - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 2,069
      From our new Honeycomb Collection. These hoop earrings have a butterfly fastening and are made of 18k gold and white diamonds. They are already very popular amongst our clientele and take you easily from day to night.
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    • Golden Bubblegum Hoops - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 1,013
      These 18k gold earrings are light to wear, are an eye catcher and will add a bit of fun to any outfit.
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    • Baguette Diamond Hoops - LimeLiteJewellery.com
    • £ 5,417
      The most eye catching hoop earrings made of stunningly sparkly baguette cut diamonds and 18k gold.  
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